What is peaq?

peaq enables machines in the Internet of Things to become self-sufficient participants in a decentralized, Web3-ready Economy of Things.

peaq is the sum of two parts, peaq enterprise and peaq network.

peaq enterprise bridges machines from the Internet of Things to the Economy of Things by providing them with decentralized identity (SSI), access and payment functionality. peaq enterprise’s solution platform allows enterprises and third parties to build decentralized solutions for machines in the Economy of Things. These run on the peaq network. peaq network provides the decentralized, Web3-ready network for the Economy of Things, enabling machines to interact, transact, trade, provide and render services and become fully self-sufficient, by leveraging decentralized solutions. The peaq network aligns the incentives of all Economy of Things stakeholders, namely; machines, machine owners/manufacturers, individuals, organizations, investors and validators, while incentivising the deployment of more machines to the network.