Zugspitze Testnet
This is our go-to market testnet with NFT minting ability to enable user interaction and community engagement from the get-go.
Our temporary Zugspitze Testnet blockchain explorer based on Polkadot.js can be found here.
(Zugspitze blockchain explorer temporarily hosted at Polkadot.js)
To conduct simple use cases, PoCs and fully enable the community to start building on the peaq network, this testnet includes 3 main functionalities, Identity - using DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) which are a type of identifier that enables a verifiable, decentralized digital identity, Access which dynamically enables authorized users to use a variety of resources with defined rules, and Payment, which includes the necessary basic transfer of value logic and enable transactions between peers and machines.
As the first peaq Testet, there will be some limitations. Tokens on Zugspitze, named PEAQ, will be issued on-demand, to enable participants (developers, companies, OEMs etc) to get involved. To request tokens, we will publish a faucet service that will automatically send a maximum of 10 PEAQ tokens per hour (per user/account).
We will release the first EoT dApps such as decentralized charging on top of this network.
Last modified 2mo ago
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