Node Structure
P-Nodes have an application structure and/or DB structure that suits various requirements and achieves scalability levels necessary for growth. For reducing the
of the verification and for the full history search, the DBs for storing transactions use DAG for the block representation, so that the DBs are a DAG
. For the optimization of P-Node synchronization each P-Node may have a state which indicates the current sync progress with the round index.
The second part of the DAG is the state machine messaging in P-Nodes
. This communication is discrete on several levels, such as the following ones:
  • Encrypted system messaging using the key pair and endpoint for it;
  • Public messaging without encryption with endpoint, protected by firewall (FW);
  • Encrypted private messaging using the key pair and endpoint for it.
These two DAGs give the possibility to reduce the complexity and have the speed and the scalability for several use-cases. Those parts are used for faster synchronization, reaching consensus and most importantly for
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