The DAGchain is a programming implemented database (DB) structuring and Node () communication mechanism comprising a block generating step and storing it in a vertex of a Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG). The invention can be implemented over a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or a centralized computing system. The DAGchain is structured in such a way so that it reaches the minimum complexity for the search and verification of transactions (Tx) being stored in a block by a consensus algorithm or avoiding an Inner Join. A key element in achieving this is the use of a DAG in the DB structuring - using system tables of dependencies where blocks are key to Table where this block was created. In the system DB there is a record for each Tx in which vertex the Tx was created in. This record serves as the key to search the previous change in the state and solves the main problem of finding the shortest path in the DAG. The work of the Nd for synchronizing the new Block in each Nd DB is based on the Nd weight and Computation Power (Cp), so that the first Nd which receives the new Block will be the Nd with the highest weight and Cp. This solves the problem of network synchronizations and decreases the next block generation start-delay in a DLT.
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